Winter is here

Although the snow has melted for the time being, Good Turn Farm has mostly entered a hibernation state. The greens that we have left in the hoophouses are either just germinated and will be growing veerrrryyy slowly until February or destined for the first winter market at the Pleasant Corner Schoolhouse on Saturday, December 2nd from 10am-2pm (if it doesn’t get too too cold before then). We’ll update you on our status for that market at the end of this month. 

A huge thank you to everyone who bought vegetables from us this season either directly from us at our farm/the Stockholm Farmers Market or by buying from any of the businesses that we sold to (listed here). This was our second full season selling produce and although we have a LOT of learning and growing to do, we feel like we’re making great progress and we love being a part of this beautiful community. 

Your farmers, 
Annelie and Kevin

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