Being so early in the season, it’s still really exciting every time we spot a new species out and about on the farm. We had Baltimore Orioles show up this week and we spotted a beneficial hoverfly in our lettuce (see photos and descriptions below). We’re even playing with the idea of doing a “Bio Blitz” on the farm this summer where we would spend a day with community on our farm looking for and identifying as many species as we can. Stay tuned for further developments…

Thanks to everyone who was able to come down to the Stockholm Farmers Market last Friday! It was a really fun time chatting with community and we had quite a good turn out despite the cold weather. The next Stockholm Market will take place June 8th. We do have produce available for pick up on the farm this week. Unfortunately, we’re hitting a bit of a lag between our hoophouse cold crop production and the start of our field season so our selection is limited this week.  Check out our weekly email here with details on availability, how to order, & where to pick up. 
Hoverflies like this one to the left are hungry predators in their larval stage they love to eat aphids!  A great site to see in our hoophouse this week. 

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