Goodbye, Tomatoes

We’ve been working this week to clear the tomatoes and peppers out of our original hoophouse. It was hard to say goodbye but with the cooler nights, the plants have basically stopped producing fruit at this point. We more than doubled our tomato & pepper sales this year growing on less beds because the hoophouse increased the length of the growing season and also the health of the plants. Hard to believe it will be a half a year at least until the next homegrown tomatoes come around but such is the seasonality of locally grown foods. Hopefully the wait makes them all the more special and delicious when they come back next year.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Stockholm Farmers Market last week (Annelie and Kevin posing with our produce above) – it was a beautiful day and as always a really fun time with community.

While we have run out of most hot crops, there is still a good variety of fall crops available. You can order produce via email from the list below, we’ll let you know when your order is ready and then you can pick up from our produce cooler (next to our hoop house at our farm, N3239 County Rd CC, Stockholm, WI) at your convenience.

Produce Availability

Winter Squash (Butternut, Red Kuri, Sweet Dumpling) – $1.50/pound
Watermelon Radish – $3/pound
Daikon Radish – $2/pound
Bulk Carrots – $2/pound
Bunched Radishes – $3/bunch
Sunchokes – $4/pound
Carving Pumpkins – $7/each
Brussels Sprouts – $5/pound
Red Head Lettuce – $2/head
Baby Kale – $7/pound, $3.50/half pound
Arugula – $3/bunch
Baby Lettuce Mix – $7/pound, $3.50/half pound
Spinach – $7/pound, $3.50/half pound
Hot peppers (cayenne & serrano) – $6/pound (available in small increments)
Red Curly Kale – $2/bunch
Broccoli – $3/pound
Garlic bulbs – $10/pound (available by the bulb)
Herbs – Cilantro, Mint, Parsley, Sage – $2/bunch
Maple Syrup (processed by Kevin and his parents Pat & Lorna on the bigger family farm, Oakwood Farm – not certified organic) – $15/Quart, $7 per pint

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