Hoophouse progress & last farmers market

Hazel helping Kevin install some of the wood framing on the new hoophouse. As you can see, in the background, after the initial installation of the steel pipe framing, Kevin was able to prep all the beds for planting and we had everything seeded/transplanted in there by mid September. Kevin did the initial plastic (called the “skin”) instillation yesterday and he’s waiting for a sunny day to warm up the plastic so it can be stretched tight to the frame. It also looks like this will be the last week for tomatoes & peppers out of our first hoophouse so we’ll be removing those plants over the coming week and planting more winter crops. We’re still experimenting to see how late some of these crops can go in but learning to rely on quick maturing crops, especially baby leaf crops that are particularly freeze tolerant (baby kale, baby lettuce, spinach, etc).

This Friday (Oct 13th) we’ll be at the final Stockholm Farmers Market of the season in front of Antique Future on Hwy 35 from 3-7PM. Hope to see you there!

If you can’t make it to the market, you can special order produce via email from the list below, we’ll let you know when your order is ready and then you can pick up from our produce cooler (next to our hoop house at our farm, N3239 County Rd CC, Stockholm, WI) at your convenience.

Produce Availability

Winter Squash (Butternut, Red Kuri, Festival, Delicata) & Pie Pumpkins – $1.50/pound
Watermelon Radish – $3/pound
Daikon Radish – $2/pound
Bunched Carrots – $4/bunch
Bunched Radishes – $2/bunch
Sunchokes – $4/pound
Carving Pumpkins – $7/each
Brussels Sprouts – $5/pound
Green/half ripened bell peppers – $3/pound
Arugula – $7/pound, $3.50/half pound, $3/bunch
Baby Lettuce Mix – $7/pound, $3.50/half pound
Spinach – $7/pound, $3.50/half pound
Hot peppers (cayenne & serrano) – $6/pound (available in small increments)
Red Curly Kale – $2/bunch
Broccoli – $3/pound
Garlic bulbs – $10/pound (available by the bulb)
Herbs – Mint, Dill, Parsley, Sage – $2/bunch
Maple Syrup (processed by Kevin and his parents Pat & Lorna on the bigger family farm, Oakwood Farm – not certified organic) – $15/Quart, $7 per pint

Email your order to info@goodturnfarm.com

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